How Bing Advertising Works?

The Yahoo Bing Network gives you an opportunity to reach more than 100 million users each month, with powerful targeting tools that help you attract the right customers at their desk or on the go.

The beauty of Bing is its similarity to the Google AdWords platform. If you know Google AdWords works for you, then you can expect a strong return on your investment with Bing Ads.

Bings also offers products and features to drive foot traffic into local stores, with precise targeting that helps you engage people based on their gender, age, location and more.

Creating a Bing Ads campaign allows you to:

  • target the right audience in the right location
  • enjoy lower cost per clicks, due to less searches and competition
  • reduce your cost-per-acquisition compared to Google
  • pay less for the same keywords on Google AdWords
  • access Bing’s four ad spaces at the top of the page, instead of three
  • only pay when someone clicks on your ad.


Let us know to help you by setting up campaign on Bing so that you can give a growth to your business.

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