Build your brand and drive sales with Facebook marketing

1.86 billion users are on Facebook

A Large number of businesses already have a social media presence. They’re trying to find a way to reach and engage these potential customers. They’re running Facebook advertising campaigns and doing everything they can to drive users to their websites. But for the most part, they’re spending a lot of money only to get it wrong.

How to market your company effectively on Facebook

It’s not enough to have a Facebook presence and someone to respond to the questions and comments of your customers. That’s why we work with our clients to develop what’s known as a ‘blended’ social media strategy. This is a mix of engaging branded content and industry-related updates that we share on your company Facebook page. We then ‘blend’ these updates with Facebook Ads and conversion strategies targeted at your best prospects. And we’ve found, time and again, that this strategy is the most cost-efficient and effective way to build your fan base, drive traffic to your website and increase conversions.

How to Use Facebook Advertising to Reach Your Target Audience

With Facebook paid Campaign, local businesses can suddenly leapfrog larger competitors and gain tactical advantage due to your more narrow target market.In other words, you get to focus your ads on a very specific geographic area and market segment, while your competition has to cover more ground, expending more dollars and resources.

Here’s how Facebook Advertising works:

There are different kinds of ads that can place on Facebook, but they generally fall into three types;

  • Page Likes
  • Promoted Post
  • Website Clicks

A Page Like ad appears in the stream and sidebar of targeted Facebook users and prompts them to Like your Page. While there’s no guarantee that those new fans will take any further action at that time, it does give you opportunities in the future to reach them at no or reduced costs once they’re already following your Page and posts. You pay per Like, and that cost will vary depending on your audience and competition, but will typically range between $1 – 4.

A Promoted Post ad is when you share a post to Facebook, like a link to a new blog post, and then pay to get that post seen by more people. The ad audience can be people who have already liked your Page, or not, and can include additional interest and demographic filters, ensuring that only potentially interested readers will see your ad. You will pay for every action that’s taken, including likes, comments, shares and clicks. Costs will vary wildly, but the goal for most promoted post campaigns is to get CPC below $1.

A Website Click ad is when an ad directs Facebook users to click a link and visit a page within your website. These are the most effective ads for driving actual leads and sales, and tend to cost a bit more than promoted posts. However, with a website click ad, you only pay for click-through to the link. If someone likes the ad or likes your Page, that’s a bonus action.

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