Why you need AdWords?

Is your strategies still working on figuring out how to best leverage Google Adwords.  Stuck on what the best practices are when generating new revenue opportunities and giving your MSP sales a boost.  

Google Adwords can be a wonderful service to help build traffic to your website. When your  website is set up correctly with a focus on conversion of your visitors from Google Adwords. Great things can occur within your managed services business.  But, don’t make many of the same critical errors your peers have done before you!

Many companies attack Google Adwords incorrectly and this is usually from a lack of experience and even the wrong advice.  This will cost thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it.  Remember, the most expensive marketing is doing it wrong.  This is where our experience can help your managed services business maximize your Google Adwords investment.

Here are some basic tips you can use today to build your MSP leads with Google Adwords.

  1. Review your website to ensure visitors have the ability to convert to a lead. You must have a conversion form or a phone number that you can track.  Megnatech recommends the folks at Easy Office Phone if you need a special phone number for your MSP business.  Measuring is the key to success.  Conversion is essential.  No way to convert on your landing page…don’t run Adwords.  PERIOD!  Don’t waste your time and money.
  2. Setup landing pages for all campaigns.  Don’t have people land on your main website.  Setup special landing pages or even register separate domains and hosting services (more advanced).  Focus your content on what the ad is driving people too.  If you are focused on healthcare IT support make sure your landing page is about healthcare IT support.  Remember point 1.
  3. Choose keywords wisely. The general public doesn’t search for managed services or industry terms we use.  Make sure your ads use keywords that people actually search on and limit your ads to 5 to 10 keywords per campaign.
  4. Divide your campaigns up. Working across multiple verticals or service offerings.  Run separate campaigns for each vertical or technical expertise.  Don’t lump them all together.  Lumping is a recipe for disaster.
  5. Keep your ads focused in your vertical, geography or technical expertise. Use your geography, verticals or technical expertise to keep your ads focused.  If you provide Calgary IT Services, no use showing up in Edmonton or Toronto.
  6. Measure and Tweak Daily.Measure the performance of your ads, adjust budgets and turn off certain keywords that are not working or generating click-through but not resulting in any leads or the wrong leads.

Adwords is just one part of your MSP marketing strategy.  There is potential to generate a wealth of business, but only if done correctly.  Remember, Adwords has the potential to drain every dollar from your annual marketing budget rapidly.

Megnatech is here to help you maximize your Google Adwords results.  If you need help just fill out our contact form to the top right, call us at +91-7525923125 or Skype us on: megnatech.

Google AdWords Certification
Google AdWords Certification